What is PlainForum?

Event Creation Tool

We provide you a simple tool for event creation: you set the date, speakers and details of the venue in order to invite your contact list.

Maintain absolute control and track your RSVP list with no hassle. Publish your events like a pro and experience real-time inteaction with your audience. Set up your events in fifteen minutes and relax the rest of the day.

Customized Mobile App

We create a mobile app with your image and logo in it for you, to identify your brand in the App Stores and engage the user community.

Give details of your events, speakers, location and more to your audience. Keep track of your attendance and simplify the all invitation process for your company. Save all user interests and notify them only about their preferences.

Share & Collaborative Platform

Let your audience share ideas, comments and post notes. PlainForum gives your speakers a way to interact with their attendance and answer their questions with ease.

Set up surveys for each keynote and track its results. Let the users share their photo, name, company, email and phone number between each other to keep in touch and build strong professional networks.


Experience our advance technology to engage your audience in real time, with zero friction.
Move forward and let the platform handle all the details for you. Take advantage of our technology and simplify the process.

Powerful Backend

Manage all the details in one place. Create your account and configure the preferences in minutes to track all your events at once.

Robust Design

Simplicity is our guideline. We love to provide a neat UI/UX to our clients to reduce complexity and improve effectiveness. Forget about technical details and focus on what matters.

Quick Launch

Ready, set, GO! Launch your events in less than fifteen minutes and track your attendance from one place. Gain control of your audience and reach your potential.

Free updates & support

Crashes, down-time and outages are words of the past. Let us handle this hassle for you. We have a technical team in place, monitoring all the operation and providing feedback.

Start preparing your events now

Setting an account is easy, just complete your data, upload your logo and create your events.
Invite all your contact list from the backend and start receiving their RSVP to track your attendance.

Be productive and only focus on what matters. Register to see more

Get In Touch

If you consider that PlainForum could be useful in your organization, feel free to use our beta product.
We'll love to hear about your success history and share experiences.

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PlainForum was made with love by the Beatcoding team to help and simplify your events, conventions and forum presentations. We hope you enjoy this. Feel free to share.

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